Lamia Boujemaa Majoul: “Art and Agriculture go hand in hand!”


A country is told through its history, landscapes monuments, flavors, local products, populations, customs and customs … Lamia Majoul tries through her boxes “Art and Gourmet” her own reading of two universes she enjoys and knows; crafts and agriculture. explanations

Lamia Majoul 1001tunisie: Introduce us the boxes “Art & Art Gourmet”

Lamia Boujemaa Majoul: The boxes “Art & Art Gourmet” are a proposal to tell Tunisia through Olive Oil and Handicraft. The green gold of the country is proposed with and through the Arts of ceramics, mosaic or olive wood. I also associate it with roses of sands worked in jewelry or ethnic jewelry …

In fact, these are two “Art” which have historically the same course and which are a strong imprint of our identity. Their know-how has been transmitted through civilizations and persists in time. In my approach, I tried to give the necessary importance to every detail. All are carefully studied as for example the closing of the bottle of olive oil which refers to the costumes of the gladiators of Carthage. All this is explained and explained in a small text that is found inside each gift box.

For what purpose?

This is a way for me to value our craftsmanship. My ambition is to highlight Tunisian olive oil and to propose a new reading of our heritage.

In general, you are either a farmer, an artist or a craftsman. What is your journey to dare to marry the two?

In this concept, there are some elements and entire sections of my career. In fact, I’m passionate about Crafts and Agriculture too. I had initially plunged into it (practical training, research …) just to be worthy of the land I had inherited from my father. Agriculture has this in common with crafts. Both are a craft and a passion which, if not transmitted, is lost.

Agriculture and culture are two close worlds that I wanted to bring together by “sacralizing” them and making them even more noble than they are already in a box where olive oil and a piece artisans tell a part of the history of our country.

Where do you sell your products? Where can we get them? What kind of welcome do they receive from abroad?

The “Art & Art Gourmet” boxes were exhibited in New York at the Fancy Food Show, alongside an olive oil group who greatly appreciated our concept and whom I thank in passing. We also exhibited in Dubai in 2017 at the “Gulfood” where we had our own stand.

Our clients are individuals, officials, corporate, international organizations, etc. Our boxes are exhibited in our “Art & Art” sales outlet at Le Zéphyr shopping center in La Marsa.

What is the price of the box? What are your future plans ?

The price of the box varies between 45 and 55 dt. The prices depend on the craft piece that accompanies the olive oil. To date, we have also welcomed various proposals for collaboration and are available to any project as soon as it comes to conveying a positive image of our “Beautiful Tunisia”.

Contact: 98345164

Shop “Art and Art”. Le Zephyr Shopping Center. La marsa.

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