Joelle Berrebi: “The workshops of aromatherapy of Dar Nejma are open to all those who are in harmony with nature”


Joelle Berrebi is a great fan of Djerba, circus, cultural exchanges and travel. And aromatherapy. It is therefore naturally that she decides to direct her guesthouse “Dar Nejma” to an accommodation where there is always something related to nature, well-being, sustainable tourism. From November 9 to 12, “Dar Nejma” hosts an aromatherapy workshop;

Interview with Joelle Berrebi to find out more. By Amel DJAIT

1001Tunisia: What does this workshop consist of?

It is a weekend of initiation to aromatherapy divided into a theoretical part and another practice.

Joelle Berebi: What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is “the use of aromatic compounds extracted from plants, essential oils, for medical purposes.” (Wikipedia) For Dr. Nicole Maguy “Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or aromatic essences that are of the chemicals decreed by the plant that have actions on the various sectors of health and well-being and naturally solve many everyday illnesses.

During this workshop, what will participants discover?

It will reveal what essential oils are actually through their structure, their biochemical process and the principles of extraction of aromatic molecules. Participants will also learn how to use essential oils through their different routes of administration and through some warnings (some essential oils can be dangerous depending on the type of use and the type of patient.

This workshop will also focus on a few essential oils and their properties and benefits, and get recipes to manage naturally the small daily ailments such as spring allergies, summer insect bites, stimulating defenses immune autumn and winter cold snaps.

During the workshop participants will be able to get some recipes with a less medical aspect through the uses and recipes of essential oils to make its natural cosmetics, to create ambiances of well-being, to maintain its home ….

Who is the trainer?

There will be two trainers: Doctor Nicole Maguy, a holistic physician (general practitioner and acupuncturist) and practicing, in parallel with so-called classical medicine, natural medicines.The practitioner approaches patients as unique and whole beings. not just symptoms or a particular illness but the whole person with his symptoms and his disease. “Dr. Maguy practices a lot of prevention with his patients.

Then there will be Laetitia Coque , aromatherapist graduate. Laetitia Coque is passionate about naturopathy and has followed training in aromatherapy and other natural medicines. She works in tandem with Doctor Maguy because they complement each other perfectly. Laetitia Coque’s thorough knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy combined with medical knowledge, know-how and experience of Dr. Maguy guarantee a very effective and beneficial workshop

In what frame does it take place?

This workshop is the first organized by »Dar Nejma» and it opens on a long series to come. It is a beautiful project that shows the ambition to bring new knowledge to Djerbians, Tunisians and Francophones. We hope and wish to create an additional attractiveness to the island of Djerba!

Why is it held in Djerba, in a guesthouse?

This workshop is held in Djerba at “Dar Nejma”, a guest house in the making. I am in the process of implementing the project. I really want to create a lively guest house, with workshops and regular events around topics related to everything that is natural, in harmony with sustainable and / or cultural development.

On the other hand, aromatherapy fascinates me; I myself took part in this workshop in France and took a lot of it. I use a lot of essential oils on a daily basis, for me, my friends, my children, my dog, my garden … I would like to make the most of these lessons. ”

So a workshop open to novices, people sensitive to aromatherapy but still ….

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is in a naturopathic approach, who wishes to move away from traditional medicines to manage the everyday ills, who wishes to preserve his health, to practice prevention and well-being, who wishes improve his state of health, stress, wellness naturally.

There are no prerequisites, no need for prior training, to know essential oils. The key is to come with interest, curiosity, ready to discover and learn new things that can be put into practice immediately.

This workshop is also aimed at physicians, especially but not exclusively general practitioners, who wish to broaden their fields of action, open up to a different and natural medicine and accompany their patients in a process of prevention and preservation of their health capital .

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