‘Go Green & Win’ ‘, a competition for innovative “green” in Tunisia


‘It is open to young people from all over Tunisia, business plans holders for business creation in sectors considered “green” such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, ICT, materials for ecological solutions for saving resources in industrial processes, environmental protection, ecological architecture, industrial processes, recycling, eco-tourism.

The objective of the contest is to promote responsible entrepreneurship and environmentally friendly through the identification of young talent and Tunisian promoters and their support for the realization of their ideas and their projects.

“The preservation and use of natural resources reflected a major challenge for the future of Tunisia. In this context, the Green innovation is as relevant and essential tool in sustainable development and integrated development, “said Asma Mansour, co-founder of the Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. “Green innovation is characterized by the creation of new processes, renewed and practices in production systems or to design new products and services that contribute to nature conservation and environmental protection” she adds. “While the growth potential and the sustainability of projects are important evaluation criteria of the business plans submitted to the contest, Innovation and the impact on the environment are two key aspects in the concept of Go Green contest & Win “said Ms Mansour.

“We thank all those who responded to our call for participation in the first schedule. After receiving a number of candidates with promising and innovative projects, the organizing committee has decided to extend the deadline for participation until 20 October 2012, to allow other young people and project designer catch up and file their projects, according to the contest rules and criteria for participation, “stressed Ms. Asma Mansour.

By entering the Contest Go Green & Win, young Tunisian promoters business plans holders, who will be selected, will benefit from professional advice and guidance of an expert coach, to take part in training sessions and deal with possible partners or contractors in Germany.

A significant impact on development
The Go Green & Win contest also is of particular importance since it could have an impact on the process of socioeconomic and cultural development of the country. Olfa El Arem, expert commissioned by GIZ for this contest, explained that “the development of a country can be greatly influenced by integration of youth in entrepreneurship, which could be one of the solutions to the unemployment problem Tunisia to the extent that experience obeys the selection standards, coaching, coaching young people in this process. ” She added that the feeling felt by a young person who submits an idea of innovation generally differs according to their skills. “If the young has potential and therefore some confidence and esteem of himself, the feeling is that of a winner and therefore he will give all means to present a project to the Contest height” said Ms. El Arem. “If this competition will enable young people to achieve success however small it may be, this could contribute to restoring hope and therefore security to many other young people, which will transform the employment situation in Tunisia “she added.
Ten innovative and original projects will be selected and announced in mid-November 2012. These projects should have a clear and defined strategy, a good operational and organizational capacity and financial sustainability. Following a monitoring and professional and technical staff, three finalists will be rewarded.

An Awards Ceremony Ceremony will be held during the month of December 2012.
The competition is supported by the Regional Fund for Youth Employment and Support Programme for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the German Cooperation (GIZ). “It is important to develop new skills in tune with the needs of the green industry in Tunisia,” said Fatma M’Selmi, Expert Support Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation GIZ. “The small and medium enterprises are recognized as important catalysts of economic and social development. They foster job creation and contribute to social stability of communities, “argued Mrs. M’Selmi. “The competition is for young people who, for their role in promoting the development of the country, have great potential to support and encourage. It is therefore essential to accompany and involve them in the economic wheel while raising awareness of the issues of environment and development to ensure long-term success, “she added.

Created in 2011, the Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship is a newly born Tunisian initiative to support the resolution of social problems through awareness and education to social entrepreneurship, incubation of identifying projects, training and accompanying social entrepreneurs to help them finance their activities, and advocacy for improved legislation promoting the creation of social enterprise.
For more details on the contest “Go Green & Win”, its rules and criteria for participation, visit the website: http://tcenterse.org

For further information please contact:
Montassar Souissi ; Phone: 26.985.728  – 98.621.870 ; Email : mbsouissi@gmail.com
Kouraich Jaouahdou ; Phone : 28.305.300  / 95.182.084 ; Email : kouraich@gmail.com




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