FTH: A new BE for major challenges


The new members elected to the National Council of the Tunisian Hotel Federation held their first meeting in order to elect the new Executive Bureau of the FTH. The meeting resulted in a young composition where women are widely represented.

The new BE is composed as follows:

  • President: Khaled Fakhfak
  • Secretary General: Rym Belajouza Ben Fadhel
  • Treasurer: Dora Milad
  • Vice-Treasurer: Amina Sta
  • Deputy Secretary-General: Mouna Ben Halima
  • Vice-President, President of the HRF of Monastir, and Chairman of the Administrative, Social and Legal Committee: Slim Dimassi
  • Vice-President, President of the HRF of Djerba-Zarzis and Chairman of the Commission Financing: Jalel Henchiri
  • Vice President, President of the Hammamet-Cap Bon HRF and Chairman of the Marketing and Promotion Committee: Mehdi Allani
  • Chair of the Training and Communication Committee: Mouna Ben Halima
  • Chair of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee: Narjess Bouasker
  • Chairman of the Security Committee: Ahmed Belli
  • Vice-President, President of the Tunisian HRF Ahmed Kamoun
  • Vice-President, President of the HRF of Sousse: Hichem Driss
  • Vice-President, President of the Sfax HRF: Mohamed Abid
  • Vice-President, President of the Mahdia HRF: Ridha Taktak
  • Vice-President, President of the Tozeur HRF: Moncef Makhlouf
  • Vice President, President of the Tabarka HRF: Nabil Ben Abdallah

Following his unanimous election, the new President, Mr Khaled Fakhfakh, paid tribute to the entire generation of hoteliers who built the sector for decades, claiming that he hoped to be worthy of the confidence that his colleagues now place in him. He pledged to work up to the immense task that awaited him with a welded equipment.

The priorities of the new National Council were then announced, namely:

  • Work to position the sector among the country’s strategic priority sectors
  • Valuing the destination on the domestic market as well as internationally
  • Federate and strengthen the representativeness of hoteliers within the FTH
  • Upgrade the hotel product by finding the appropriate mechanisms to solve the difficulty of financing hotel units
  • Modernize the governance of the FTH and support its decentralization by reforming the statutes
  • Consolidate relations with the main players in the tourism sector (institutions and administrations) by being a force of proposal
  • Commit to improving the quality of hotel services to ensure their compliance with international standards