Foued Frini: “The winning products of the 1st Tunisian Local Produce Contest will be part of my recipes”


Chef, caterer and artisan Foued Frini has been present to be part of the tasters of the 1st Tunisian Contest of Terroir Products. Ubiquitous in several Tunisian media, he is one of the most seen leaders in Tunis. He chose to put his experience in the profile of this first edition of the contest. Foued Frini, tells us about his experience. Interview by Fadi Abid

1001 Tunisia: How do you rate this taster experience at the 1st Tunisian Contest for Local Products? How is it compared to the other competitions in which you participated?

Foued Frini: It’s an amazing experience! This is precisely what is missing in Tunisia, the classification of our products.

We need this contest and many more to make our products known nationally and internationally. Tunisian products are immeasurably rich, and that goes back to the bioclimatic zones, which are very different. We are talking about almost ten bioclimatic zones and it is this diversity that creates our wealth.

This 1 st Competition is very well organized and structured in a scientific way. In view of the large number of products and the number of tasters, the organizers have worked out everything. We can only salute their effort, precision and work. I think that if we really put on the mediatization and the communication of this contest, this one will undoubtedly have a promising future.

How many sectors is this contest able to reach?

This competition is able to touch agriculture but also tourism. Indeed, gastronomic tourism is beginning to echo around the world and why not in Tunisia? This is where this competition will intervene to give more authenticity to Tunisian cuisine.

Everyone knows that guest houses are an axis that is developing in our country. We must really emphasize their impact on artisans. This encourages them to produce more and improve the quality of their products. From this favorable ground, a competition like this one intervenes to promote the best products. Guest houses can then, in turn, promote good products for tourists and visitors.

How can you, as a chef, encourage the producers who will be rewarded?

The products that have had the merit of being decorated are of course of the highest quality. As a witness to the transparency and authenticity of this contest, I can only favor award-winning products by embedding them in my recipes. These are valuable ingredients that must be highlighted while highlighting their authenticity and respecting the story they tell.

Regarding the 4 Awards of Excellence, the impact will of course be greater. I will certainly present them in the restaurants I work with. I will of course use them in my recipes and talk about them in the broadcasts in which I am invited.

This mission is part of our role as a chef. It is up to us now to ensure some continuity in this contest. Using and making known local products is part of our daily lives.