For Christmas markets to inspire the market of Mouled, Mayou, Aoula ….


The Christmas market is a market that sells everything related to the Christmas party. Traditional, they are found throughout Europe but they multiply in many other cities of the world including in Tunisia, especially since the last years. By Amel DJAIT

In Tunisia, these events are private initiatives which multiply throughout the territory. I am thinking, for example, of the “Voice of the Child” association in Nabeul, which offers decoration products, floral compositions, jewelery, chocolates and cakes. The association “International Women’s Group” also organizes its annual market of gastronomic products and the terroir, festive products and local crafts. In Djerba, it is the hotel residence “Les jardins de Toumana” which for several years holds its Christmas Market.
What I find odd is that few people assume the concept of Christmas market. At the level of naming, they abuse Bazaar and there is a kind of shyness to display in relation to a practice, which is still confidential, but that many hyper-markets like Carrefour or Monoprix celebrate it. In some private schools, celebrating Christmas also enters a little in practice.


Going back to the Christmas markets, I think that these will have to become widespread especially in the tourist regions of the country. The end-of-year celebrations always constitute a slight peak in the flat calm of the tourist activity of the destination. They animate the tourist centers and are as many possibilities of cash receipts for operators who survive with difficulty in this period of tourism crisis.

Ideally, however, markets should become widespread and expand for major events such as “Ramadhan”, “Mouled”, or major festivals such as “Mayou” … Independently of religious festivals, these markets should multiply according to the Crops and seasons such as dates, citrus, sardines, “aoula”, …

So many opportunities that are only pretexts to breathe animation, save the heritage, enhance the heritage and revive the business. The example of the Harissa Festival held in Nabeul in October 2016 is a concrete example. Strongly, that we plan many other days, festivals, shows, around the terroir.

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