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Soufiane Fantar is a young Tunisian talent specializing in textile design. Teacher at the Higher Institute of Fashion Professions of Monastir, he is an industrial designer of training. Shy and miserly in words, his mark, “Atelier Fantar”, bears his name. He launched it in 2014 and since then he has produced scarves, mules, placemats … In a short time, the brand has come a long way and has succeeded in creating its own universe. By Amel DJAIT

Soufiane still remembers freshly from his first meeting with the public who discovered his work for the first time and did not forget any emotion: “The public is always surprised by my creations. For me, this link is unique. It touches me deeply. “

But how was”Ateliers Fantar” born ? Looking for a scarf for a long time without finding, Sofiane decides to create one. And this is where the click is made! Then begins a long period of research, especially in the history of Tunisia. It follows a deep gestation and the construction of the brand, its identity, its values, its products …

The young artist digs into Tunisian heritage and collective imagination to find graphics that he composes, recomposes, stretches, refines, exploits, modernizes, isolates and assembles to create a tissue bearing identity. He says: “Berber graphics are always more successful among Tunisians and those of Andalusian origin for foreigners. With every product I create, I share “.

Soufiane then starts to produce mules, scarves, pockets, placemats, bow ties, skirts … Count between 60 and 90Dt the scarf, 90 the balgha, 60 the pouch

Generous, open and sensitive, Soufiane Fantar believes that her brand “Ateliers Fantar” can develop first because it works with passion, then because it still “full of ideas and products that I wish to realize and export but The problem is and always remains financial! “.

That said, and since 2014, it is of all the shows and events that punctuate the Tunisian shows and markets. His brand is now in Paris in a boutique “Attarine” which will soon open at 6 avenue de la Motte Picquet, Paris VII.

For Soufiane Fantar, Tunisian crafts have enormous potential. If it sells so poorly internationally, it is because the country does not have a long-term strategy. This peak of anger demonstrates all the exasperation that many players in the Tunisian craft sector can only share with him: “Strategy is money and we do not invest in the future” .

With all the young talents that emerge in this Tunisia which is being built, let us bet that they will be able to press for this investment to be made and the bet raised.

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