El Fianka or the reign of the enamelled jewel


El Finaka jewels are 100% handmade jewels. Inspired by Tunisian heritage, the pieces boast a whimsical and trendy touch. Each piece is unique. The jewels of the brand are based on special techniques such as enameling, incrustation stones, etc. Lamia Bouzizri went to meet the two sisters who are hiding behind the brand. Interview.

1001Tunisie: To introduce your brand, what would you say?

El Fianka: El Fianka is a jewelry brand created by two sisters Kawther and Amel Mejdi. We are two young designers firmly attached to the Tunisian craftsmanship. We draw our inspiration from our heritage to propose modern collections while perpetuating old techniques sometimes in loss such as enameling. Our team works and offers exclusive and original collections. The brand is no shortage of assets to seduce customers looking for a gift of character and particular. Our products are also often a pleasure purchase.

What is your background:

We both have master’s degrees, one in marketing and the other in management computer science. We have done several internships with former masters of Tunisian jewelery such as Mr Lamjed Jaziri to whom we have a tender thought.

What are your flagship products, which ones do you sell best?

The jewels of festivals and ceremonies. There is also a great demand for gift items.

Do you think that Tunisian Crafts goes upmarket and diversifies?
Absolutely. It is even in full effervescence.

Which brands “Made in Tunisia” do you prefer?

I do not have a special preference. The bottom line is that the product obeys hygiene standards if it is food. It is important that the price / quality ratio is correct for others


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