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Tunis, Tunisia

Samym: A shop dedicated to Africa at La Marsa

SAMYM is the name of a new shop that has just opened in La Marsa, just behind the Petit Salem. Pretty and bright, the...

Gérard Moati. Sacred Couscous!

L'Arbre à couscous is a small canteen of noon where the promise is that of an exceptional couscous! Could it be that the presence...

Abdaleh Hamad, Kuwaiti caterer of Marsa

Ahmed Abdallah is Kuwaiti. He opened an Egyptian cuisine restaurant in Marsa; Koshari the Avenue, a restaurant that many Tunisians attend thinking time for...

Mr. Zarrouk, the artist at Hamammet Fort

It is thanks to a walk in the medina of Hammamet that I discover the workshop of the painter artist Zarrouk. This meeting serves...

Portrait of the 2012 traveler

Google has tried to couple the data for the desired behavior with its study, but also with the actual behavior of search travelers. The complete...

Nordine Labiadh the storyteller cook

At The Mi-Chemin , it's a bistro (in the 14th arrondissement) where Paris meets Tunisia. The chef, Nordine Labiadh combines the traditional cuisine of...

The haik by Baraa

From the time she was recipient of the 2010 prize of the house of creation in Marseille, Ben Boubaker Barra has come a long...

Nja Mahdaoui or the incredible tempo of an acrobat calligrapher

The calligrapher Nja Mahdaoui is a ball of fire, energy and creativity. Having a coffee with him can not be trivial! At my invitation,...

Zied Abbes, Mr Mosaic Kit

Frail silhouette  and wide smile, Zied Abbes is a luminous young man. On the booth in the ONA Arti-Cadeau salon, he is busy responding...

Saadia Jradi or the art of tmeyems

When I met Saadia Jradi a few years ago, she was frail, hesitant but already so special! Years later, her work refines and her...


Tunis, Tunisia
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