Bribri or the garment that keeps the Tunisian at the bottom of each of us!


“My name is Myriam Bribri and it is also the name of my brand. I work mainly on the kachabeya which is a flagship product of my collections. The first product I worked on was the “makhla” bag. This is what the young artist says of herself when asked. She defines her brand as Tunisian, which sells handicraft clothing products. Just to keep the TUNISIAN at the bottom of us!

Myriam Bribri always sells her products online and sends them by mail. The prices, particularly that of the “kachabeyas” are between 50 and 80 dt, but the heart of her ambition and project are self-management and resistance. For the young woman, “we must resist against the Made in China and capitalism. From the beginning, I sought out how to produce Tunisian and authentic. I want to produce and think useful. This is my fight. My way of saying, we are here. We are Tunisians. We exist! “

In her work, thinking of the underprivileged, the students and the unemployed is permanent. With a master’s degree in Land Law, Myriam is also a blogger and activist: “I work on the issue of social movements and am trained in citizen journalism. My parents are craftsmen. My father was a professional in the making of “djebba”, “kachabeya”, “burnous”, “farmla”, “kadroun”. My mother makes hooks, “chabka” and almost all embroideries “

The “kachabiyas” of Bribri are a real success. They sell from everywhere and word of mouth works wonders. Her clients are mainly young and her work responds to those who want to wear simple clothes that they can wear everywhere.

Bribri : Cité Tina. Sfax.



Phone: ( 216) 27 331 952 or 55 991 422

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