Bizerte: The women potters of Sejnane expose their creations


Organized by the Sejnane Women Potters Association (AFPS) in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for the Innovation of Handicrafts (FUN), this to help the craftswomen of this Bizerte (Sejnane) locality to raise awareness and sell their productions.

The President of the AFPS, Sameh Mkhinini stressed that the association works to multiply this kind of events at regional and also national level, wants to offer its members an opportunity to participate in specialized exhibitions and aims to create a village craft in Sejnane.

The exhibition includes a diverse collection of kitchen utensils (bowls, kanouns, pots, plates ….) and decorative objects in pottery decorated with forest plants.

The craftswomen welcomed the organization of this event which contributed to the marketing of their products and boosted the commercial activity in the delegation of Sejnane.
They pointed out that Sejnane’s pottery products are prized abroad, especially at European trade fairs.

The craftswomen called on this occasion, to create a craft village in their locality and to give them credits to be able to expose and sell their products, also claiming the improvement of the infrastructures and calling to guarantee them a social cover.



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