Baraa or the Mediterranean tempo of fashion relaxation


Baraa TM, based in Monaco, dresses the body and the home, in the same signature spirit that combines sensuality, authenticity and timelessness with all times.

The brand draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean lifestyle and tells a story of life, made of conviviality, freedom and light.

Her style is relaxation, well-being, generosity and comfort.


Through her new collection “Around the water”, Baraa tells, by her innocence, her way of being, and her simplicity, the story of the natural well-being brought by the sun, the waves, the sand , and the earth.

She explores linen, this natural and prestigious fiber, the oldest in the world, by a meticulous work of research of the best combinations and textures, to test their sensuality and lightness to the breath of the air.

And in order to pierce the discreet pride of linen, it was necessary to follow the hands that work the earth and its culture, to listen to the friction of the wood, to experience the suppleness and the softness of the threads that intertwine. It is this sensory track game, which the craftsmen keep the secret, that Baraa unveiled, to offer it to the aesthetes.

Baraa means “innocence” in Arabic, is a brand that was born in 2009. Its creator Baraa Ben Boubaker Guillou has always wanted to promote the Tunisian know-how to offer a timeless wardrobe and a contemporary freshness.

Her commitment has been and continues to evolve the weaving of Tunisian Hayek “summon the wool and the spirit of linen, use traditional weaves soft and smooth rendering, revive natural dyes, cuts for all silhouettes to move freely and live the Mediterranean on a daily basis in an elegant and unobstructed way … “.

Very quickly, she has made a name for herself in many international exhibitions and shows, and positions her brand as a high-end product quickly adopted by a luxury clientele.
In 2010, thanks to its unprecedented approach to sustainable and ethical fashion and its talent, Baraa successfully opened the doors of major Parisian fashion houses. Thus, in 2011, the brand Baraa ™, exhibited at Hermès. Today, her line is exposed in many avant-garde concept-stores as in Japan in the boutiques of the very select group “Galerie Vie – Tomorrowland”. Baraa is distributed at ABC New York, Geneva, Paris.

baraa™ cherishes the work of craftsmen and Tunisian artisans, the last recipients of ancestral know-how. His fashion is dreamlike and offers pieces to find and find themselves simply, parts to discover freedom in her body, her creation is a eulogy to the Mediterranean.

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Point of sale abroad:
ABC  New York

Homebody  Denver

IPierre Monaco
La Reserve de la Mala Cap dAil
Artisan hand made  Floride – Poca Raton
En Tunisie:
Hotel Four Seasons Tunis
Hotel Le Movempick du Lac
Elyssa artisanat
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