Amine Tourki militates to give color to Tunisian tourism


Ahmed Amine Tourki is passionate about tourism and multimedia productions. His ambition is to produce a series of documentary films on Tunisian alternative tourism. He turns to crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds. Portrait

Amine is a journalist, TV presenter, radio presenter and producer. He is also a fervent supporter of Tunisian alternative tourism and is committed to valorizing the diversity of the tourist destination away from the classic circuits through a project: Tunisia in colors.

The diversification of the Tunisian tourist product has become a necessity for the tourist destination. For Amine and her team, the challenge is to “give another image of the destination and present an alternative to mass tourism that previously sought above all profitability at the expense of the regions visited. More than a strategic option, it will increase the chances of the Tunisian offer and position itself well in the markets.
From this came our wish to showcase a Tunisia that was previously unrecognized and very little publicized through these new alternatives such as cultural, participatory, social and ecotourism tourism and to participate in promoting The destination with a clientele desiring a travel experience whose impact on the natural and cultural environment is more present ”


Why “crowfunding”?

For Ahmed Amine Tourki: “Cofindy is a platform of participatory solidarity. It’s a new sponsorship tool that will help me harvest or raise as much money as possible to make my project. I oriented myself towards this platform following a training cycle with CEED and also and above all by obligation and conviction of memory ”

The concept of the series is a compilation of 12 video documentaries of 26 mn in high resolution in Arabic and French. In addition to the regions, festivals, monuments and cultural productions, Couleurs de Tunisie wishes to emphasize tourism that contributes to the sustainable development of the regions.

With its program Amine Turki aims to apply for an international film festival in Europe for the month of March 2017.

The project is supported by three volunteers with a certain experience in the audiovisual sector who like to face challenges:
Ahmed Amine Tourki / Producer: A tourism consultant, a man of communication and promotion, Ahmed works much for the link between tourism and culture. It organizes numerous thematic events and militates for an avant-garde vision of tourism in Tunisia.
Wassim Hanechi / Cameramen – Cameraman: Wassim is one of the best directors of national television, has participated in the production of soap operas in the regions of Tunisia, and has worked for multiple directors. He has also directed more than a dozen documentaries on tourism, nature and escape.
Hatem Essafi / Production manager: Hatem is a graphic designer and specialist in comics. He manages a communication agency, and produces several advertising campaigns in Tunisia for major international brands.

Let us wish them good wind!

To help them, the link :


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