Amara Timoumi: “The Tunisian consumer is the first to benefit from this contest!”


Amara Timoumi is regional coordinator of the Tunisian Contest for Local Products in Zaghouane. Proud of his contribution to this first edition, he explains to 1001 Tunisia how he experienced this experience as a taster. Interview.

1001Tunisie: How do you rate this experience as a first in Tunisia?

Amara Timoumi: This is my first experience as a taster-consumer. I think today that this approach is the most effective method for the development and promotion of local products. The region where I come from, and more specifically the governorate of Zaghouan, is well known for its local products such as “nesri” (water of wild roses), honey and olive oil. The region is so rich that 61 products have participated in contests.
I consider this experience a success and hope that it will be better in future editions. I really hope it can grow further to have more scale.

What made you participate in this contest as a taster?

I thought it was an experience not to be missed since it’s a first in Tunisia! I know that this experience is inspired by the Swiss model. I encourage all those working in the agri-food sector to participate.

How do you judge the organization of this first edition?

For a first experience, we can sincerely consider that it is a success. This does not prevent me from noting some shortcomings from the point of view of the organization. But we advance that if we make mistakes to avoid them during the next step. But from a global point of view everything went as planned.

How can the Tunisian consumer, who is considered the category you represent, benefit directly or indirectly from this contest?

The Tunisian consumer, sometimes, does not even know the existence of products coming from his own region. He is often forced to look for industrialized products whereas the producer of his region, which is much closer to him geographically, tries to commercialize a product of a much better quality but does not arrive there for lack of means. The Tunisian Contest for Local Products aims to promote local products that are endowed with remarkable quality and to make people talk about them. It’s the consumers who win!