“Alf Thneya we Thneya”: Safir, a Tunisian company committed to its terroir


In his 31st episode, Alf Thneya we thneya, capsule of 1001Tunisie sponsored by La Badira (https://www.facebook.com/labadira/) and its Spa by Clarins, takes you to Siliana, not to mention Kessra, Makthar or one of 1800 archaeological sites and curiosities listed by specialists in the region. Here, we will discuss the story of a beautiful success story, that of Safir, a brand born in Siliana to finally realize that the company is inseparable from its terroir.

Certainly there is no need to go to Siliana to discover the products of Safir, a Tunisian agribusiness company that is exploding internationally and that thanks to a wide variety of quality products, is breaking ground a royal road for Tunisian consumers.

With star products such as peeled or crushed tomatoes, artichokes with olive oil, olive oil or “mechouia” salad, we can easily understand why this family business won at the 1st National Competition of Local products, hold on, 8 medals (between gold, silver and bronze) and a Prix d’Excellence.

Moreover, it is on site and in the depth of the production unit of Siliana that one understands more than behind each of the products of the brand are hidden an alchemy between the terroir and the expertise of men. The plant, modern and equipped with the latest facilities for the extraction of essential oils or for harvesting olive juice, employs up to 700 people during olive harvest seasons, tomatoes, carob or rosemary .

A short tour on the side of Bargou, Kessra and El Mansoura, located only 10km from the governorate of Kairouan, allows you to contemplate the olive forests, over 1000 years old and the water sources of Bou Rouiss and Bou Saâdia which irrigate agricultural parcels. It is in the middle of the lands that one seizes the secrets of a territory which highlighted the relation of respect between the nature and the men.

Once in Siliana, you will better understand why this company is different from others. This difference is reflected in the level of human relationships that connect the employer to its employees. Dozens of engineers, girls under 30 years old, are part of the employees of the company’s committed team, and they are among others, who are hiding behind the success of this brand whose products that we see on the local market represent only 5%.

Safir is a family business with a history of two generations. The founders had started the activity focusing on the extraction of aromatic oils, within the forest in copper cauldrons. Today, Sadir continues to offer this same product, being at the forefront of technology.

The company has successfully implemented international product patents that are distributed in more than 40 countries. The brand does not stop winning international markets and wins prizes in various competitions in which it participates.

In this episode, we are not going to talk about organic certifications and the ethical and fair commitment of the brand or the company’s environmental protection policy (which has set up a composting department, waste processing and bioenergy production necessary for the operation of its units).

We are going back to Siliana and her potential. This governorate, located about 150 km from Tunis, is home to the famous Zema, the site of the great battle of the 2nd Punic War. More than that, the specialties list about 1800 sites and points of interest. Siliana is known for its speleology. Moreover “Ain Dheheb” is considered by amateurs as one of the most beautiful caves in the world.

For those who want to plan a hike or a weekend, do not forget that you can also go trekking, archeological visits in the site of Makaros, and spend the night in the ecodomies of Jebel Bargou, or the hostel of Kessra’s youth.

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