“Alf thneya we thneya”: Herbioart, Tunisian cosmetic products from organic farming


The 14th episode of “Alf Thneya we Thneya”, 1001Tunisia capsule sponsored by La Badira (https://www.facebook.com/labadira/) and its  Spa by Clarins, take us this week to discover Herbioart products.

Herbioart https://www.facebook.com/pg/herbioart/about/?ref=page_internal is a Tunisian brand of natural cosmetics and from organic farming. The products of this brand, whose name is no more than a successful contraction between 3 words (grass, organic, artisanal), tell the story of a family steeped in Tunisian traditions.

Indeed, the story began when Mrs. Faouzia Ellouze Boulila, founder of Herbioart, builds a project of life on a know-how inherited from her family. Petite, in Sfax, Faouzia Ellouze carefully followed the art of artisanal extraction of almond oil with her mother and her grandmother.

For many years, she has been thinking about starting a family business dedicated to designing natural beauty and well-being products. From the idea, the project gradually developed and today, several years later, the company aims at the international. In addition to a production unit installed in Algeria, Herbioart will soon open a first showroom in France.

Faouzia Ellouze Boulila, founder of Herbioart, tells us that despite the constraints, her company is ready to expand internationally, in order to export Tunisian know-how and traditions on a global scale. With the support of her husband, Dr Boulilla, who runs a relaxation and alternative medicine center in the Ennasser area, and that of her son, a doctor by training, Faouzia Ellouze is currently preparing the opening of a production unit. under the trademark Phytom by Herbioart in the city of Le Mans.

Faouzia Ellouze is a woman surrounded by her family and precious friends, especially her childhood friend, Fatma Samet, who introduced her to entrepreneurship and encouraged her throughout her career.

Fatma Samet is another great woman of Tunisian know-how, who has dedicated her life to the promotion and modernization of the embroidery and crafts of Kerkennah and who is currently renovating a beautiful fisherman’s house in the archipelago. The ideal would be, of course, that this guest house opens a shop Kerkenatis (the weaving brand of Fatma Samet) and a small spa that will use the natural products of Herbioart.

You will understand, it moves a lot in this universe!

Herbioart, which started its activities in 2001 and had only one competitor at the time, has managed over the years to build customer loyalty thanks to the quality of the products it offers. Today, there are 150 producers competing for the local market of Tunisian cosmetic products who are doing everything possible to innovate and stand out. To all, we wish good luck!

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