In its 23rd episode, Alf Thneya We Thneya, 1001Tunisie capsule sponsored by La Badira ( and its Spa by Clarins, takes you to Nabeul, this city that has long been overshadowed by its neighbor Hammamet. Today, the city is beginning to have new reception facilities, which risk, if other institutions open especially in the catering and crafts, to turn the tables.

A new guest house has just opened in Nabeul. The house carries in it the charm and the authenticity of an exceptional house. It is actually the famous Maamouri house that becomes “Dar El Gaïed” (;  the most beautiful or one of the most beautiful guest houses in Tunisia. Specialist word!

Dar El Gaied is a historic house over 120 years old that tells the story of a particular family. His owner wanted to pay tribute to his family. He shares part of this story through some rare and precious photos and well-preserved furniture. In the large living room of the guest house Dar El Gaied, you can also and especially admire an exhibition of hand-painted ceramic objects of great beauty. A collection of unique pieces that was designed by the former owner of the place, the late Madame Maâmouri.

Dar el Gaïed is a guest house composed of 5 suites and a loft, a swimming pool, a sumptuous garden and unique reception areas. It is especially a place where a whole art of living unfolds by a team that regulates, suggests and accompanies. Here, an art of receiving is set up as soon as the first guests arrive. Here more than elsewhere, exceptional tastes are to discover around the kitchen of Nabeul. Here, more than elsewhere, lemonade with mint is as refreshing as it is delicious.

Dar El Gaied is decorated by Philippe Xerri of Rock The Kasbah, who respected the unique style of the house but especially modernized the furniture and decoration. More so, decorating the house has forced the decorator-designate to look even more urban and refined on its own Brut-Chic style. The result is bluffing!

It is often said that good news never comes alone!

This is really the case for Nabeul where a new “cluster” of tableware is all the rage. Set up 3 years ago, the first results are starting to show.

The mission of this NABEUL ART DE LA TABLE cluster is to bring together craftsmen, companies, designers and students to work together in a common vision on ceramics.

They are finally ready to disclose the result of years of effort and creativity. The result is largely satisfactory! The collections follow each other and are not alike. The products offered by the ceramics companies involved in the “cluster” are conquering the world and exposing and exporting to Milan, Tokyo, Paris, …

After working a little in the shadows, the cluster is now ready to open a co-working and creative center in the city center of Nabeul. All work will be exhibited from mid-March. For more details, visit the website dedicated to the project (

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