A Tourism Committee within each Municipal Council


Based on the conviction that the entire Tunisian territory can be declared a “tourist zone”, the Tunisian Federation of Hotels considers that tourism should be an essential axis for all municipalities, without exception.

In fact, in a country three millennia old, each Tunisian locality is full of specific and diversified attractions. Archaeological, cultural, artisanal, culinary, natural and many more, all these assets would be worth to be valued.

As the municipal elections approach, the FTH insists on the need to create a “tourism” commission within each elected municipal council. It invites candidate lists to work on the tourism development of their municipalities and to take full advantage of the growth of the sector to make tourism otherwise, tourism enhancing our regions, our culture, our history, our traditions. Tunisians have also demonstrated their desire to discover their country, and to diversify the excursions, municipalities must develop appropriate accommodation and value their local wealth.

The commitment of the hotel sector on this subject is not recent, since 1996, the hotels pay a hotel tax representing 2% of their turnover, directly perceived by the municipalities and used for the valorization and the embellishment cities. Thus, while welcoming the relative resumption of tourism, the FTH wishes to emphasize the importance of this sector for both the national economy and the economy of the various localities of the country.

The FTH recalls in this regard that the balance of trade being strongly degraded, it is essential to communicate on the tourist potential of our regions and to give the greatest attention to a sector strongly provider of currencies, contributing at the same time to the creation jobs in all regions.

Source: Press release