In 1987 the release of his first album “The Lion and the Cobra” makes him known but it was in 1990 with “I do not want what I have not got” (I do not want what I have not ) and the resumption of a title Prince “Nothing compares to you”, platinum, it will travel around the world.

It was known in the folk vein of Dylan, flirting with punk rock, drawing from reggae a certain mysticism or, more recently, returning to his Irish roots but remains above all subversive pop icon scene /rock. cropped hair, a face that has kept its purity, it is mainly a voice carried by the passion she has mastered both the softness to murmurs that violence to cry. She returns with a ninth album which contains the whole. The title is also there to remind the “How About I Be Me (and you be you)” which can be summarized by “To be what one is.”

She sings the last song of a father to his son, love without illusion, remoteness or rage to see the faith of believers shaken by those who are supposed to serve, it gives body and soul to say suffering but also of redemption, love and anger, loss and sense of justice. She was able to force its fragility, never cheating with emotion, giving each of his stage appearances uniqueness where the fervor of the audience responds to his extraordinary presence.


  • Sinead: O’Connor Vocals / Guitar
  • Graham Henderson Keyboards
  • Robert: Guitar Macintosh
  • John Reynolds Battery
  • Clare Kenny Bass
  • Brooke: Supple Guitar

Appointment: Thursday, April 4, 2013

Source: Press