1000 thneya and thneya: walks-around-Dar Antonia in Sousse


It is in the Old Town of Sousse that we continue our trip this week. After a visit to http://www.darantonia.com and the Magic Eye 3D Museum, we are projected centuries back …

With Alf Thniya we Thniya (produced by Amel Djait for Express FM radio and sponsored by the Badira  https://www.labadira.com/  and its Spa by Clarins) we will tour some interesting addresses in the heart of the Medina of Sousse registered since 1988 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Ribat, its ramparts, its mosque and its Medina still testify of the passage of the Aghlabids and Abbasids in Tunisia in the first centuries of Islam.


 A few meters from Dar Antonia, located in the heart of the Medina, we dive into the world of craftsmanship and the art of music. Stopping in front of Moez Tourabi’s shop is simply obvious. This creator of percussion instruments is a multi-talented artist. Between tambourine, bendir, darbouka, tom-tom … Moez knows how to make everything from tinned cans and dyed pieces of cooking. His crafty genius goes even further. Moez even resurrected the square bendir originally fashioned by our ancestors the Amazighs.

The discovery continues a few steps in the museum of Am Taieb, a master of recycling. Everything is good for the decor at Am Taieb. Between a sculpture of great finesse and original works of art made from various objects and materials of recovery, this talented artist with the offbeat style, transports us into an unlikely world.

This crazy humor hunter soon opens the doors of a residence as fabulous as his museum to allow artists and tourists to share a moment of creativity and conviviality. The opening of this residence will be in a few months, so do not hesitate to go discover it.

From the museum of Am Taieb, we leave towards the archaeological museum of Sousse. http://www.soussemuseum.tn/ Renovated in 2012, this museum is also a World Heritage Site. Located in the Kasbah of Sousse, it houses a breathtaking collection of Roman mosaics and traces the history of ancient Hadrumetus.

At 700 meters from the archaeological museum is the museum Dar Essid. And how not to stop there to contemplate the splendor of a house with typical Tunisian architecture and we miss to remember the Roman domūs and their open air courses!

If you are boating enthusiasts, the Port of Kantaoui will be the next destination. A catamaran tour is essential to rediscover the splendor of the Mediterranean and breathe the freshness of the sea breeze.

To end in style, it’s Medinat Alzahra  http://www.medinat-alzahra.net/index.php that we set the course. This 30-hectare park is located on the Kondar-Kolaa Kebira road and offers a fascinating ride through a centuries-old orchard called the Olive Trail. Medinat Alzahra also offers its visitors unmissable attractions, in particular, its sound and light show that awakens 3000 years of history of Tunisia, from the Berber era to independence through Carthage and Ottoman Tunisia.