Tunisian tourism: Focus on China


Twelve thousand Chinese visited Tunisia in 2011 against only 4,612 in 2010. This is far from surprising given that Tunisia has offered to Chinese customers, not that it did not assets but because it fails to convince. For over a decade, everyone believes that the Chinese market represents an opportunity to enter and Tunisia are still failing.

The Chinese market is a market to treat with caution and prudence. Chinese tourist has different habits that visitors of different nationalities that we have used to host. When he travels, he visited more than one country, not staying more than 3 days maximum in one country and has great expectations in terms of shopping, culture, sightseeing …

It was ten years ago, the Tunisian tourism saw China as Eldorado. There was talk of a target of 50,000 Chinese tourists per year. The destination has barely attracted 5,000 clients per year, while the Chinese market soared. What has changed today? Not much at the Tunisian offer but the eyes of the Chinese and their way of understanding the journey that certainly changes. Tunisia attracts and arouses curiosity and interest but has still failed to take advantage.

China is the market of tomorrow. Its population is the most connected Internet world with over 450 million users of which 33% are “mobile users”. China is also the country most engaged online with 92% of users who are active in the Chinese social networks, and 80% of Chinese Internet users search and inform through the Chinese Internet in choosing their holiday.

When we know the fracture of the Tunisian digital, we realize the tremendous work that must be done upstream. Well before putting planes, well before preparing promotional campaigns …

Amel Djait

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