Tunisia: What do foreigners living in the country think?


They responded honestly or not, I’m not a guarantee! Established for 45, 35, 18 and 5 years, they confessed to a little afraid to go to secluded beaches of Cap Bon they worshiped, that life had become too expensive, they were suffering from lack of public spirit of the Tunisians and ongoing insecurity. Nothing more !

“I love the sea and finding myself on a beach with veiled women scares me.” For L. C., “the city of Hammamet is dirty. A peak for a tourist town! “But she adds:” People are becoming more aggressive. They would not serve my daughter during Ramadan in a cafe with her cousin because she is Muslim. But she’s only 13, not fasting and she is half Italian … “Mom ends up at the police station with her daughter and cried for full fundamentalism to anyone who will listen. For her, there is no doubt that Tunisia has plunged and is not as tolerant as before.

I tried to explain that this is why they fight but then to draw as many conclusions is perhaps going a little fast, it remains on its position. Her daughter finished high school soon and plans to get sent to Italy.

Without wanting to relativize the episode of Ramadhan and the closing of some cafes, we are still far from Ryad threatening to deport expatriates who do not respect Ramadan and neighboring Algeria where there were 117 convictions for non- fasting more frequent beatings.
In Tunisia, cafes and restaurants remained open. We are far from Morocco which allows only Mc Donald to stay open and will serve only foreigners and children. Ie those who have no “Arab face”! Who knows what we will book the future. For now, we are still free to see our state allow a McDonald’s employee to check our IDs before making an order. It’s already that ! Finally, it is good not to have the McDonald teaches … at least for now!

It must still be  remembered that the model Ennahda is or was Turkey where everything is open 365 days out of 365 days and where people are completely free to swallow what they want, when they want. It could be that one is housed in the same boat that citizens governed by the AKP? Nothing is as sure in view of screw clamps that people live. In Hammamet, hotels are full, crowded nightclubs, alcohol and prostitutes in full swing, it prevents the atmosphere is heavy, sad and people are worried .

“Where is the good mood of Tunisians? “Said T.F, renowned architect who is still very optimistic. “I give 3 years in this small country and it will be up and I know what I mean! I was in Tunisia for over 37 years and the nature of the Tunisian who loves life quickly resume the above … “. For RC, Italian which did business with the country for over 45 years and has had several ministers, ambassadors of Ben Ali and Bourguiba, there is no doubt that there is a safety belt around the country . He firmly believes in the Republican army and advocates a happy ending recognizing that foreign investment have stalled and it is inevitable that the country is going through a violent phase.
Some leave and others arrive and that’s how life goes. If some chose to leave and not stay to live in a country full transformations, many are coming or planning to settle in Tunisia far from the European crisis.

Thomas has a real estate agency that is always full. “All want to settle and live here only on condition that the country remains far from fanaticism and blood flowing …” he explains to me. Images related to the Iranian and Algerian experience and highly significant for the European imagination. Umberto Italian who has Tunisian nationality for more than ten years: “Only those who have understood the Tunisian soul foresee that such scenarios are difficult in Tunisia …”

Now, no one is prudent, and only time will tell what will happen to our country!

Amel Djait


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