Red carpet for fouta and blouza by CIFE


For more than two years, the International Council of Women Entrepreneurs (CIFE) has been working on the heritage issue. For this vital force of the civil society, the fight is not only identity, it is a commitment to contribute to accompany the rebirth of an art of living and a know-how. By Amel DJAIT

It is in the framework of the prestigious Festival of the Medina that the CIFE concocted the program of an exceptional evening under the theme of the “Fouta and Blouza” and this, on June 3rd, 2017 with the theater of open air of Tunis. On the program, cross-stages, a concert, fashion shows and jewelry …. In short, the evening brings together the ultimate Tunisian creators in terms of clothing (fouta and blouza big night) and jewelry (from true, to change!)

The traditional dress will be told through its regions, its craftswomen, its creators, its men and women … On stage, the public will appreciate the creations of Hatem Ben Youssef, jeweler and jeweler since 1955 as well as those of Gharam Jewelery. In terms of stylist, the best are there: Olfa Mehaoued (medina), Haute Couture Najeh, Mayam, Samar, Fatma Jouini Haute couture, Velvet Couture … All will present their latest creations and compete in beauty and elegance.

The evening will be hosted by star Houcine El Ifrite, troupe Lamia Ktata, violinist Walid Essoussi and Khaled Alaya. The prestigious Rachidia will animate with elegance and brio the first part of the evening.

For Ms. Rachida Jebnoun, this evening is a declaration of love and commitment for Tunisia that currently needs more than ever work and solidarity. With this in mind, the President of CIFE announces that “a real call will be made for love, peace and serenity for a united Tunisia under the same color”.

Accompanied by her close collaborators and some renowned stylists, the president of CIFE recalled that the Tunisian Heritage Recognition Project started two years ago with the first edition of “Let’s Were Tunis Everywhere”. For those who know the strength of CIFE and its network of women, we bet that the project will go far.

For the moment, the evening of June 3, 2017 promises to be exceptional. It will be enhanced by the presence of the Minister of Women, several ambassadors and many influential women in civil society.

CIFE is an organization that works to promote women’s entrepreneurship and supports them. It is based on 22 governorates in Tunisia and also shines internationally. The heritage, know-how and life of Tunisians is his credo. The organization has participated in various events including Moskow, Algiers, Istanbul …. Based on more than 2000 members, the CIFE is becoming a key player in Tunisian civil society.

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