Isabelle Enault: “Crafts need to be dusted off”


MOOD TALENT, The Salon of New Creators, will inaugurate on May 14, 2017, in partnership with GIVENCHY and Dar el Marsa, its 12th exhibition and its 2nd fashion show. The opportunity to meet Isabelle Enault and talk about the event. Conducted by Amel DJAIT

1001tunisie: What is the Mood Talent concept?

Isabelle Enault: In 2015, I set up a canine protection association and sought to make positive communication and events to collect the necessary funds. I then created “MAHLEHA TOUNES”. The idea was to valorise artisan and contemporary creation, presenting the creators in themed “events”, in original spaces and with a maximum of communication.

First of all, I created my website and my first open-air exhibition in Sidi Bou Saïd on 3000 m2. The event brought together more than 70 creators. I created 7 different events before being plagiarized. I then decided to change my name so as not to be confused with this plagiarist and opted for an English name, easier to understand by all.

I then decided to raise the level again, inaugurating MOOD TALENT to DAR EL MARSA *****, which accepted because the level of the concept corresponded to the level of the hotel.

What have you changed in the initial concept?

I opted for more modernity and less heritage. The “artisan creation” needs to be dedusted, relieved of its mode of communication miserabilist, of its repetitive folklore. Contemporary creation is young, dynamic, inventive, and can make Tunisia radiate modern and high-end.

What is the economic model of Mood Talent?

Mood Talent is a concept from my company TRIPLAXEL COMMUNICATION. I have acquired professional equipment (lighting, deco, photo, etc). I rent the space, pay the interveners and incidental expenses: technicians, models, cameramans … I propose the rental of stands “turnkey”. The price varies and always includes the showcase in the website, targeted communication, photos and sometimes “shooting” mannequins, press cocktails … Of course, exhibitors are selected.

Mood Talent combines strong media coverage, brand image and “events”. These are neither “markets” nor simple expo-sales. It is a long-term strategic concept, aimed at enhancing the brand image of creators, and bringing the targeted audience together.

You seem to be suffering from being plagiarized.

If I were only copied, it would be laughable … I am always copied badly, and always with the same goals: the rapid gain and the cult of the personality.

I was the first to make themed exhibitions, the first to create an exhibition of designers at the Acropolium with a vintage theme in 2015, the first to do a professional “shooting” with a mannequin for the creations of the exhibitors, The first to do a parade of creators, … I also have the right to defamation, false rumors, a ridiculous boycott and of course neo-colonialist allusions! Being French is not necessarily an asset!

Is there enough creativity to regularly run parades and sales exhibitions?

Yes, to do quality exhibitions, with a reasonable number of exhibitors. The problem is the proliferation of exposures to copied and copied titles, often unrelated to content. These exhibitions are often overloaded with stalls, glued to each other, stifle creations, disperse and weary the public. When mixing kermesse or fair concepts with trophy awards, raffles and live music “with guaranteed animation”, how can we still talk about a quality event dedicated to artisan creation? How do we talk about high-end when we display plastic banners? How can we circulate flyers and coupons to “attract the crowd”?

You know, I do not think we can improvise as a creator of events, in the same way that one does not improvise chef or lawyer. Creating and organizing an event related to artistic or artistic creation requires a concept, in relation to the level of exhibitors and their creations. The target audience must come to discover materials, lines, brands, style, unique pieces, workshops, craftsmen, know-how … Why distract and distract from the essential?

You make craftsmen work on themes, how do you choose themes and craftsmen?

My head is full of ideas that abound. Most creators, stylists and craftsmen like to play the game and participate in the various challenges that I offer them. For craftsmen, who are real creative people, these challenges are motivating for them. This allows them to go to their client and surprise their audience with original creations and unpublished.

For the choice of themes, it is primarily a work of documentation. I bet each time on several parameters: First novelty, I never propose what has already been done. Then the creativity, it is a question of choosing the theme that can be worked as much in sewing, jewelry and that is attractive for exhibitors and for the public. Sometimes I get the exhibitors to vote on different proposals, and then I let them do it. The results are always amazing and unexpected!

For fashion shows, every detail must be planned, from music to make-up, as for Flowers, where the models were adorned with natural flowers and parade through the live music composed by Houyem Ghattas. The violin was then indispensable. For TRIBAL, it is of course GIVENCHY who will make a “make up” specially studied for the theme. I mixed the music myself from percussion, tribal and medieval songs. The final will pay tribute to icons, such as Elyssa and Sheerazade.

How many brands participate in your events on average? How many visitors come to your events?

Between 15 and 30 brands, depending on the events and the spaces. The selection is complicated. The exhibitor must have enough space to create his own universe and not be “glued” to his neighbor. On the other hand, I take care to offer the public very different brands and styles. It goes from the traditional revisited to the contemporary, from sewing to leather goods, to accessories and jewelery ….

What is your curriculum?

After starting in telemarketing, I joined communication in 1986 and became an advertising assistant. I then worked 6 years in high-end tourism, at ASIA, and then returned to advertising. Finally, I set up my company in Tunisia in 2010 and am also responsible for writing a French online media.

Do you plan a Mood Talent internationally?

Yes, I am working on the subject, of course I seek ways of financing.