Ghomrassen, a city with a taste of honey


Ghomrassen is a city that is about twenty kms of Tataouine and whose villages are “Beni Khedache”, “El Ferch,” “Kssar Hdada”, “Guermessa” and are the best known. The whole area is worth visiting for its “kssours” but also for its “jessours”; the oldest and best-known Tunisian system of collection and recovery of runoff.

Ghomrassen The region is known for its agricultural plains, lunar landscapes, underground mosques … And its “kssours!” For indeed, here the “Kssar” is king. There are nearly 150 in southeastern Tunisian some of which are multi-tiered and can reach fifteen meters.

Ghormrassen is particularly known for the “Kssar” neighbor; “Kssar Hedada”; a site immortalized by George Lucas in the famous series “Star War” and now converted into a hotel, restaurant, shop, stop …. The place also has a beautiful traditional oil mill and that’s probably the part quasi- destroyed the building which is one of the prettiest.

huilerie kssar hedada

For this example, absolutely approximate the Kssarien tourism tries to find a place between oasis and desert tourism. The “kssours” Tunisia is an axis of some development for the entire region Tunisian Daher. It is suitable for this, to take stock of this exceptional heritage, to imagine the “kssours” rehabilitation manuals, are creating accommodation in the spirit of the place, develop a marketing network, to up an environmental and sustainable policy …..

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But who says Ghomrassen also said “ftayer” and “mahchi”. This is also one of the most iconic cakes of southern Tunisia. And if there’s an address where the eating is good it is in that city. So do not look for sign or lighted sign! Here, we will direct you to the best artisan “mahchi” but also “makroudh” of “ftayer” gazelle horn, “ftira” …

Here, more than anywhere else, each one has his own specialty!

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And the star of “mahchi” is undoubtedly the “Pâtiesserie South”. Unfortunately, you can admire the cake without some power in taste or buy. Orders came from everywhere and private cars and the praises are incessant back and forth between Tunis and Ghomrassen to deliver lovers of this gentle honey taste.

Do not panic! The owner, will eventually give in and give you a “mahchi” crisp, high calorie and irresistible. He will explain the recipe of course, remaining evasive on the proportions and dosages. The donut is serious business for “ghmorassniya”. They make trade and wealth worldwide.

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Before leaving “Ghomrassen” take the time to stroll through the oasis. The area is known for its agricultural products, including olives and asparagus! They are intended for export

Leaving Ghomrassen, try to stop at “El Ferch Kssar”. A “Kssar” almost intact plain where still find doors and palm wood locks and antique olive trees. The guard is very caring and serves good coffee with geranium water  or a delicious red tea with thyme. If you have time, he will bring you the sumptuous weaves of the neighboring village.

kssar el farch

Finally, remember that there are 3 types of “kssours” in Tunisia; the “Kssar” plain, the “Kssar” citadel and “Kssar” mountain. Before leaving the area of Tataouine, Medenine, Tunisia’s Dahar, you must visit at least one in each category to capture differences, composition, operation ….