Faten Abdelkéfi: “Be Tounsi defends the crafts and its Tunisianity”


The Collective Be Tounsi celebrates its first candle in great pumps. He runs a stand at the Salon de l’Artisanat Tunisien and organizes a large-scale communication campaign to protect crafts, promote it, rehabilitate it, make it known …

Be Tounsi is founded by Faten Abdlekéfi because she felt that her duty was to act and do something to protect her way of life and see things. She is joined very quickly by a dozen women all more engaged and mobilized than the others. Around the Collective Be Tounsi is building an incredible striking force and mobilizes a sensitive and committed population to the craft and the Tunisian art of living.

Today, the Collective is in the process of organizing itself, launches fashions, organizes events, supports artisans, encourages to consume Tunisian …

To listen to the podcast :https://soundcloud.com/user-131908758/1000-tounes-we-tounes-ep5-be-tounsi
Faten Abdelkéfi, initiator of the movement Be Tounsi is invited for this podcast animated by Amel Djait, co-animated by Rym Ben Arous, produced by Streaminghd and sponsored by the travel agency Via.