El Catador La Goulette.


El Catador is a lounge restaurant that has just opened in La Goulette. The address contributes to classify the city in the category of places increasingly connected to the surroundings of Tunis.

Backed by the Hotel Le Lido, El Catador is dressed in red and subdued lights to become a pleasant establishment with urban decoration. Divided into two communicating spaces: the lounge and the restaurant, tables and high chairs stand in the lounge bar. Special mention to the “Open kitchen”. We love the agitation and the rigor of the team to dressage!

El Catador offers a varied menu featuring a wide range of flavors and cuisines: Spain with tapas, Japan with a small menu of “sushi”, “californicatador1a rolls”, skewers and noodles.

We can then leave for Italy with pizzas and some pasta and of course embark for France, including some more elaborate dishes like the filet of St Pierre or grilled filet and its three sauces ….

The concept of El Catador is that of an after-work evolutionary, where a trendy and active youth is found in the evening. El Catador is clearly positioned as a place to meet, have a drink, snack or dine, relax and listen to some live music.

The entertainment program of El Catador changes all the time. It is displayed on the FB page of the restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/ElCatador.Goulette

In the dining room, the staff is professional and try to ensure a pleasant service. In the kitchen, chef Boulababa is active and the dishes live up to expectations.

For my first visit to the area, I went with a friend and my son and we really “kiffée la soiree”. It must be said that the filet was delicious: perfect and fresh quality of the meat, bleeding cooking (as ordered ), Crisp vegetables and three sauces, beautifully presented and truly gouty. We were tempted by the tempuras of shrimps.These were delicious.Only the Cesar salad was less successful than a little too loaded with tomatoes, poorly seasoned and that was really a pity!

As for the price we paid with the drink 115DT. An average of 30 Dt per person is required.


Address : Rue Ali Bacha, 2060 la Goulette
FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/ElCatador.Goulette