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Tunis, Tunisia

Citrus Fruit of Tunisia: a good harvest

The first citrus crops arrive recently in the markets. Premiering arriving mandarins, "chenwas", the "tanjerines" but also the first orange. The season this year...

Apis Vaga, honey in the region of Beja

APIS VAGA is the story of a honey. The story of a meeting, a love at the first sight between a bee and a land;...

Food around the snail in Tunisia: Ksour

In Tunisia, the snail is a novice speculation whose foundations are under deliberation. The future of its producers based on their mutual success . Since its...

« Merhebe », « Bienvenido », « 歓迎 », « Bienvenue...

In Tunis, the Bayrouth Café, Northwind Beirut and the Yasmine Hammamet Kalaa greet their customers with a "merhebe" (Welcome). Here, tasty Lebanese cuisine combines...

The vine and wine in Tunisia

The ups and downs of history ... heckled by nature and men Viticulture is an integral part of Tunisian agriculture until the Arab invasion in...

Tunisian Confectionery, a whirlwind of sensations

It is cooked or fried, crunchy or soft and comes in bite, cream or cake form. Is there a star? No, because the Tunisian pastry savored...

Sublime pomegranates of Gabes

Known for its medicinal properties (antioxidant) but also widely used as a natural dye, pomegranate is picked from September to December. Emblematic Fruit mentioned in...

omegranates Syrup of of Gabes

The pomegranate syrup mainly of Gabes is a pleasant drink to be diluted with water and serve with ice. It is also a choice...

Zelfène Prickly Pears, the King of Fruit

Hindi Zelfène ya Wakkel! Who has not heard at least once this sentence in a market, at a greengrocer or even read Zelfène on...

Ghomrassen Mahchis

The "mahchi" of Ghomrassen is one of the most iconic cakes in Tunisia. Classified as cakes of southern Tunisia, it is similar to the gazelle...

El Gtar and Sned’s Pistachios arrived!

In  Sned in the governorate of Gafsa, new and fresh pistachios are here! Biological, small and tasty, pistachios are grown essentially in the entire region...

Gtar and Sned Pistachio

In a region where rainfall is rare, precious water and drylands, the pistachio cultivation may seem surprising! Yet alongside the palm and olive, pistachio...


Tunis, Tunisia
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