Axel D – Bodega – South Hammamet


The tapas menu is varied. It is necessary to count between 5 and 10 dt the dish. Special mention to the meats because they are succulent and nicely presented. Do not miss the cute piglet with mustard cream, lamb kidneys roasted in parsley, duck breast and crispy smoked breast, or the mini poultry roast with confit, grated ginger. It is necessary to count between 25 and 30 dt the dish.

Axel D. is also the specialist of paella and fideua. Desserts are not to be outdone. I recommend Chocolate, Chocolate Pastilla and Grilled Almonds. The wine list is also worth a visit. There are the main areas such as Kurubis or the Carthage Winegrowers with wines such as “Sultan” or “Shaparadrap” …

If it is incontestable that the food is tasty and the service applied, it is frankly unfortunate that the decoration is also ugly. Since the restaurant is sandwiched between a nightclub (fortunately empty!) And a hotel where the animation goes on in a loop “the dance of the ducks”, the sound atmosphere is a real torture!

Dinner on the terrace with tiles on the head is a hail of bad taste for a restaurant that charges expensive and really a pity for the quality of the food that is served there. A restaurant is a pleasure for all the senses. Too much incoherence kills the taste and throws the pleasure to the nettles. Too bad !

Amel Djait


Hammamet south at the level of the Palladium room, next to the Nero
Tuesday to Sunday from 6 pm to 11.30 pm – Phone: (+216) 55 966 ​​440
E-mail :.

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